Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

股票, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is an advisory committee reporting to the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Committee.  The committee is charged with setting the University’s 多元化和包容议程.



  • Identify the University priorities and objectives to advance Monash’s equity, 多元化和包容议程.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of Monash’s equity, diversity and inclusion framework and action plans and ensure alignment with broader organisational strategy.
  • Monitor University performance on a range of equity, diversity and inclusion measures with specific focus on measures related to identified priority areas.
  • Act as a reference group and make recommendations on relevant initiatives, policies and procedures.
  • Provide advice on reporting to government agencies and on submissions for accreditation and benchmarking.
  • Provide advice on the development of institutional responses to relevant policy and strategic initiatives taken by government and other external bodies.
  • Commission and receive reports relating to diversity, inclusion, access and equity with specific focus on identified priority areas.
  • Convene sub-committees and working groups to progress business associated with priority areas.


The committee will meet four times per year or as required


以下应是 依据职权 委员会成员:

  • President and Vice-Chancellor (Co-Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Vice-President (Co-Chair)
  • 教务长或者候选人
  • Chief Operating Officer or nominee
  • 首席人力资源官
  • Executive Director, Campus Community Division
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous)
  • Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity
  • Academic Director, Student Experience
  • Monash Graduate Association nominee
  • President of the campus-based student association (annual rotation between Monash Student Association, MONSU·考尔菲德, MONSU半岛)
  • Subcommittee Chairs (Athena SWAN Steering Committee;, 不同的性别, Sexes and Sexualities Advisory Group; HEPPP Network)
  • 执行官

At the second meeting of the calendar year the Dean of each faculty (or their nominee) will be invited to an annual expanded meeting for the purpose of sharing progress, communicating priorities and providing updates.

The Committee may co-opt members as required, and guests to attend by invitation as appropriate.


To maintain contemporality the Terms of Reference and membership will be reviewed at the last meeting of each calendar year. The quorum for the meetings of the committee is one third of the membership taken to the nearest whole number.


The following committees and advisory groups report to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee:


The Committee’s Terms of Reference, including Committee members, will be subject to annual review. The quorum for the meetings of the committee is one third of the membership taken to the nearest whole number.

In 2022, following the development of the new Equity, Diversity & 包含框架, the Committee’s Terms of Reference will be reviewed again to ensure alignment with the new strategic focus.


Meeting 1 4月28日从3点到5点
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
Meeting 4
11月24日2 pm-4pm



电话:(+61 3)9905 3468


电话(+61 3)9905 9088