Originally from Singapore, Preeti羽衣甘蓝 is in the third year of her Early Years and Primary Education degree despite only arriving in Australia this year.

“I studied Early Childhood at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore and was given an exemption to start in the third year of my degree at Monash. My mum encouraged me to study overseas for the experience.”

Preeti is enjoying her time in Australia so far, as well as living on campus. She’s been into the city a few times and enjoyed the Phillip Island trip and City Scavenger Hunt run by Monash Residential 服务 as part of the student residential orientation program.

“On the scavenger hunt it was my first time going into the city, my team got to know everything, 这是伟大的.  Coming back to campus was nice though as I don’t typically enjoy really noisy places.”

Preeti says the benefits of living on campus are the convenience of having everything so close, such as the library and comments on the safety of the campus.

“I really love the library, it’s a great place as all the educational toys and learning materials are kept together. It’s going to be really be useful when I go on placement.

Monash also promotes campus security and the safety of students. I’m really grateful for this as I know that my safety is guaranteed when I am here”.

Preeti is enjoying the studio apartments in Gillies Hall.

“I really like my privacy so I chose to stay in the new studio apartments. My room is a great place to study in; it’s a really nice cosy space.”

As well as enjoying the studio apartments, she has been enjoying the new communal spaces and getting together with her friends from the same floor to make dinner most nights.

“这很社会. I’m learning to cook and gaining a lot of life skills.”

Preeti’s future ambitions once she finishes her degree are to continue with preschool teaching and then has hopes of becoming a lecturer.